Notice of BBA AGM





Dear Member,


In accordance with Rule 33 of the Rules of the Broadmeadows Basketball Association Inc. (hereafter called the Rules) notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association will take place as follows:


DATE:   Sunday 29 May 2022

TIME:    10.00 am

VENUE: Function Room, Broadmeadows Basketball Stadium, 1 Tanderrum
                            Way, Broadmeadows



Pursuant to Rule 30 only the items of business listed in the Agenda listed at the end of this notification shall be transacted at the Meeting.

Please note the following timeline for submission of materials to me at in connection with the AGM:


  1. In accordance with Rule 51, written nominations of candidates for election as Officers or Ordinary Members of the Association must be lodged with the Secretary no later than seven (7) days prior to the Meeting, i.e. no later than 5 pm on 21 May 2022. In accordance with Rule 55, those positions available at this AGM for nomination of candidates are: President, Treasurer and two ordinary Committee Members. Persons nominating may wish to provide a statement of biographical information with a request to have this circulated in support of their nomination. Please note that, in accordance with Rule 49 of the Association’s Rules, only Category A (natural members) and Category D (Life members) can nominate for Committee positions.


  1. In accordance with Rule 34, proxy votes on the prescribed form must be lodged with the Secretary no later than 24 hours prior to the Meeting.

  2. Category B members (one nominee per Domestic Club) and Category C members (one parent/guardian of financial registered Bronco representative players in the Under 12 to Under 18 age groups) are entitled to attend the AGM and vote on all matters requiring decision provided they have completed the registration formalities outlined in Clause 14A of the Rules.

  1. I look forward to your attendance at the AGM, which is a key event in the annual life of the Association. Please direct any questions you may have to via email along with your telephone contact details and I will call you about the questions you have, if an email response will not suffice.


Yours sincerely



Sandy Knowles



13 May 2022


BBA AGM AGENDA –  10.00 am on Sunday 29 May 2022, Function Room, Broadmeadows Basketball Stadium, 1 Tanderrum Way, Broadmeadows


  1. Welcome and Apologies

  2. Confirmation of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 30 May 2021 (Attachment A)


  1. Reports
    – President
    – Treasurer

– General Manager

  1. In accordance with Rule 14B of the Association’s Constitution and Attachment B, the following
                nominations for Life Membership of the Association are submitted for approval:

                – Rae Timbs

            – Ivor Jenkins (dec)

  1. Election of Office Bearers and Ordinary Members:
                – President

– Treasurer 
-Two Ordinary Members

  1. Appointment of Auditor

  2. Determination of joining fee and annual membership fee for Category A members.

  3. Meeting closed.



                                                                                                                                        ATTACHMENT A







Sunday 30 May 2021


10.00 am


10.50 am


Peter Jackson (President – Chair), Glen Milner (Vice President), Sarah Davidson (Treasurer), Julia Barnett, Mark Crotty, Wayne Bird, Sandy Knowles, Kristie Hollow, Terri Sutton, Todd Anderson (meeting administrator)


Paul Dean, Warren Taylor



TOPIC: Welcome


Peter Jackson welcomed everyone to the AGM, including Life Members and made special mention of Kristie Hollow of Balanced Books who is a key contributor within the Association’s Finance Risk and Audit Sub Committee (FRASC) framework. Peter also noted BBA’s appreciation of Kellie Lewis’s contribution as Secretary for the past few years. 


Glen confirmed that the quorum requirement to proceed with the meeting had been met, on the basis of 30% of registered Category A and Category D members being present (seven needed, eight being present).


TOPIC: Confirmation of the minutes of the AGM of 19 October 2020

Peter formally opened the AGM and noted the apologies. Peter noted our ability to conduct the AGM via this zoom style format, as per rule 35 of the BBA Constitution. Peter’s opening remarks outlined how all documentation will be presented online, allowing sufficient time for members to digest the contents of the reports before opening up for questions, comments & voting by raised hands, with Julia acting as an additional scrutineer. Draft minutes of the AGM meeting held on 19 October 2020, which had also been circulated with the agenda for the AGM, were tabled.


Moved:  Glen         Seconded: Sarah: that the draft minutes of the 2020 AGM be confirmed as a true and accurate record of that meeting.                                                                                            CARRIED



TOPIC: Reports



Peter presented his President’s report, highlighting BBA’s ability to successfully manage both the financial fall out and community engagement aspects to ensure that we would come into 2021 in a strong position.  He highlighted the great work done by our Office staff during the extended lockdown of 2020, which was recognised by Basketball Victoria in a second Most Inclusive Association award in three years.


The Secretary’s report, as an addendum to the President’s report, noted the Association’s compliance with our legal obligations in respect of insurance, employee and contractor payments. BBA also complied with the Constitution provisions regarding the annual number of Committee meetings held. We filed our 2019 statutory return with Consumer Affairs Victoria, which was accepted on 14 January 2021.


Moved: Peter              Seconded: Mark: that the President’s report including the added Secretary’s report, be accepted.                                                                                                                      CARRIED




Sarah presented her report, including the audited 2020 financials for the calendar year ended 31 December 2020.

Sarah noted the significant challenges the Association faced, with the inability to conduct income earning competitions and programs needing to be counterbalanced with maintaining an Office presence to facilitate the community engagement necessary to achieve a quick return to that environment once the lockdown was lifted. She also noted the work done by the Office in obtaining financial grants which, combined with other government and council assisted measures, enabled the Association to land in a better than originally forecast position.


Sarah also noted that the tight monitoring of our finances through regular meetings of FRASC and the Committee of Management was assisted by Kristie’s work on the figures, updates and counsel, which was very much appreciated.


Moved: Sarah        Seconded: Wayne: that the Treasurer’s report and audited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2020 be accepted as a true and fair view of the Association’s financial position.                                                                                                                               CARRIED



Todd presented his report, noting that the strategy of regular engagement with the BBA community during the lockdown through a variety of innovative offerings, including presentations from specialists in the mental health and fitness and dietary fields, basketball skills sessions, interactive exercises and coaching fora had enabled the Association to recover its participant base in 2021 to its pre-pandemic levels. Todd also provided an update on programs and services implemented in 2021, highlighting BBA winning its second Basketball Victoria’s Inclusive Association of the Year, four players selected in the elite State Development Program and two players being selected to Victoria Metropolitan State teams. Todd also paid tribute to the valuable contributions of his staff during the difficult times of 2020, with the sterling work done by Hannah and Aila receiving special mention.


Moved: Glen        Seconded: Mark: that the Operations Report be accepted.                   CARRIED




TOPIC: Election of Office Bearers and Ordinary Members


On the basis of sole nominations received for these positions, the following elections were confirmed:


  • Vice President: Glen Milner
  • Secretary: Sandy Knowles
  • Ordinary Member 1: Wayne Bird
  • Ordinary Member 2: Warren Taylor


Peter welcomed Sandy to the team, thanking the Committee for their hard work; he looked forward to another productive year ahead.




TOPIC: Appointment of Auditor


Sarah recommended that TM Auditing (principal is Terence Maihi) be appointed as the Association’s auditor for the next 12 months.


Moved: Sarah       Seconded: Wayne                                                                                     CARRIED




TOPIC: Determination of joining fee & annual membership fee


Sarah recommended that the joining fee and annual membership fee for Category A members remain at $11 (inclusive of GST) for the immediate future. She also noted that, as per a standing arrangement, current BBA Committee of Management members are exempt from paying the membership fee while they continue to serve as a Committee member.

Moved: Sarah       Seconded: Julia                                                                                                CARRIED




TOPIC: Close of Meeting



Before closing the meeting, Peter asked if there were any issues that the members wished to raise for the Committee’s consideration, noting that no formal decisions could be taken in this forum. He invited Glen to provide updates on current issues of a strategic nature as appropriate.




Noted that BBA has made a submission to Hume City Council in connection with their circulated Draft Indoor Sports Plan. BBA has also submitted proposals for inclusion in the 2021 Hume City Council budget and anticipates an invitation to address the Council meeting on 7 June on this submission. BBA also recently participated in a regional workshop convened by Basketball Victoria, with representatives from Craigieburn and Sunbury also present, to consider the most appropriate avenues of engagement with Council on facility development and management within the LGA.



Drew attention to the good work of the Office and the Association in the results achieved during 2020, particularly when compared with how other Associations managed their staff, services, programs and financials.


With no-one else having anything further to add to the discussions, Peter thanked everyone for attending and formally closed the AGM.



Noted that following priority work projects for completion: (a) the co-ordination of BBA’s policies and accessibility to those on our website; (b) more regular reporting on BBA’s risk management framework; and (c) alignment of our operations with relevant government sports related imperatives.


Meeting closed: 10.50 am












Rae Timbs served as BBA Secretary from 1995 to 2000 and also contributed for many years before, and during that time, as a domestic and VJBL referee and SEABL scorebench official, including in a chairing capacity. Rae was also an active member of planning and implementation groups responsible for social events on the BBA calendar and recruited others to scorebench roles and bar management roles. Rae is a deserving nominee for Life Membership based on that extensive period of active involvement, which also saw her co-ordinate and administer governance arrangements for BBA under three different Presidents.


Moved: Glen Milner

Seconded: Warren Taylor




Before his passing earlier this year, Ivor had been a long-standing supporter of Broadmeadows Basketball, having undertaken Grade Secretary duties for our open age domestic competition for several years and then, as the anchor for North West FM Radio’s Sports of All Sorts Saturday morning show. Broadmeadows Basketball was given a prime time slot on that radio show and Ivor would spend time during the week and during our SEABL and Big V game days interviewing coaches and players to promote our participation in those competitions and foster attendance at our home games. Ivor’s excellent coverage of our teams participation garnered media awards and he would then go on to mentor Hannah Gentz of our Office to become a regular presenter on Sports of All Sorts, again with the objective of promoting the Broncos organisation and our junior and open age competitions. Ivor is a deserved Life Member nominee.


Moved: Glen Milner

Seconded: Warren Taylor


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