Mental Health, Conditioning & Nutrition

Below: Allen’s Gambling Story

Allen Christensen will chat to us about his experiences growing up with gambling through his youth, into his AFL career and how he beat his addiction.

Below: Your Own Health Nutrition

Lisa discusses ‘Fuelling Your Body for Performance with nutrition tips and some simple recipes you can make at home. Some valuable information for both athletes and parents.

Below: Your Own Health Athlete Mindset

This session will help you learn how to use your mind for confidence, focus and performance.


Natalie of Own Your Health Collective will talk to you about all things Mindset and how you can use your mind to support your performance, energy and fitness goals. Natalie is a local based Wellness and Mindset Coach who supports individuals on living and achieving their personal goals for their health and wellbeing.


As a 5 time marathon runner she applies her theoretical expertise and personal running experiences to her learning sessions. Walk away with practical tips and strategies on how you can reach your own goals, now and into the future.

Below: Strength & Conditioning – headed by Cam Rigby from Prime Athletes.

Cam, himself a 200-game NBL player and qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach, will be talking to athletes about the importance of strength and conditioning in junior sport and providing advice on how to ensure you keep your body in shape to return to the court.


With the extended time away it is important we continue to build the joints and muscles that aren’t being utilised regularly, to prevent injuries from occurring later on.

Below: Resources from Headspace Craigieburn

Broadmeadows broncos headspace Craigieburn taking action mental health and wellbeing
Broadmeadows broncos headspace Craigieburn taking action mental health and wellbeing
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