Junior Domestic & VJBL Update

Junior Domestic Competition Update:
At this stage, we are planning to play Junior Domestic competition on Saturday if restrictions permit.
It would require a return to ‘Orange-50’ status with 50 people permitted per court (not venue). We are unlikely to know if this is the case for certain until late Thursday or Friday morning as we await Restricted Activity Directives (RADs) and approvals from Basketball Victoria and Hume City Council.
We will be releasing provisional fixtures later today with games for this weekend. Please be advised that this is not a guarantee that games will go ahead, rather to assist members with planning for this weekend.
We will make a final decision by 12:00pm Friday based on the information we have received. Shortly after this time we will communicate if games are going ahead or not for Saturday.
The quickest way to receive this notification is via the free Smartphone App (download here). A push notification will be sent out here first, followed by emails to clubs, social media and our website.
We thank you all for your patience and cooperation over the past few weeks and we hope for good news to allow us back on  court very soon.

Senior Domestic Competitions on Sunday and Monday are also tentative, a decision will also be made on Friday.

Further updates on next week’s programs and competitions to come soon. 

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