Sarah Davidson & Mark Crotty: 2021 Broadmeadows Medal

Tim Devlin: 2021 President's Award

The recipient of the 2021 President’s Award is Tim Devlin.

Over the last few seasons Tim has done some great work within the Senior/Youth Womens program, as well as the U18 girls program.

However in a stop-start season, Tim and the Youth girls exceeded and vastly improved from previous years.

In season 2021, Tim coached the Youth League Women to one of their most successful seasons to date with a 16-4 win-loss record.

Broadmeadows Basketball President Peter Jackson said of this season, “This was particularly pleasing because of the high level of local and homegrown talent in the team, and Tim was able to endorse and further the experience and talent of our young athletes.”

Congratulations, Tim!

Tim Devlin Hume City Broncos Broadmeadows Basketball President's Award

Thanks to Councillor Karen Sherry for helping to present these awards.

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