Following the announcement of Luke Lehmann’s resignation from the BBA General Manager role which takes effect from 20 October, the BBA Committee of Management has approved implementation of a range of interim measures to ensure the effective continuation of our programs and services.

            Against the background of the timing of the General Manager vacancy, the expected timeline for completion of a recruitment process and a likely late November/early December commencement date for the successful incumbent, the Committee of Management have:

 • Installed Vice President Glen Milner as interim General Manager, working three days a week;

 • Assigned the role of Risk & Grants Oversight to President Peter Jackson, with a notional allocation of one day per week for those functions; and

 • Endorsed Mark Crotty as Chair of the CoM, with Glen and Peter reporting to him on their respective areas of accountability.

            These arrangements come into effect from 23 October and are expected to conclude in February 2024, when the appointment of a full time General Manager will return the Office and Committee of Management to their usual modus operandi.

            Sandy Knowles



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