Senior Broncos Results - Round 11



Hume City – 99

Whittlesea – 54


BreAnna Brock – 20 points, 19 rebounds

Bianca Babic – 21 points (7 threes)



The Women asserted their dominance over Whittlesea. It was an even first 5 mnutes, with the teams going bucket-for-bucket before the Broncos settled and all of a sudden they lead at quarter time by  14 points – many thanks to a haul of 3 pointers Kristy Rinaldi (4) Bianca Babic (3).


The second and third quarters were almost a blood bath, with the Broncos outscoring the Pacers 51-20, giving the Broncos a big margin. Whittlesea evened up the last quarter at 18-18 as the Broncos were left on a final score of 99.


The Women now sit third on the ladder (8-3)  heading into the long weekend, and upon return will play against Bulleen.



Hume City –  105

Blackburn – 92


Jordan Coleman – 21 points

Pete Puondak – 12 points, 9 rebounds


A fantastic team win to set up a great weekend for the Senior Men.


It was a slow start for the Broncos, as Blackburn scored the first couple of points but the Broncos gained the lead halfway through the first and had a 7 point lead at quarter time – giving them a nice buffer for the rest of the game.


The Senior Men pushed their lead to 15 points in the second quarter, then lead by 18 at one point in the third as Blackburn just couldn’t make a reasonable dent in the margin.


All players got on court and contributed to the score line, including Anthony Scott who scored 7 points and 6 rebounds in just over 13 minutes.



Hume City – 113

Keilor – 106


Jake Martin – 18 points, 14 rebounds

Jamal Shabazz – 22 points, 7 rebounds


This was the one that the Broncos wanted to win – and they got it.


Keilor and Hume City have a had a great rivalry over the past 2 seasons, and this game did not disappoint the fans.


The Broncos started the game perfectly, causing Keilor to call an early timeout with a 10-2 lead. It ended up being a high scoring quarter, as the Broncos lead 33-24.


This 9 point lead was crucial as Keilor continued to play catch-up for most of the game.

Keilor did gain the lead in the third quarter, but it was short lived as the Broncos quickly gained it back before the end of the quarter.


As both teams tried to gain some momentum, it became a little bit scrappy, with multiple fouls called and the Broncos settled to a nice 13 point lead with 4 minutes to go. However, the game was not done, as Keilor made a late surge to 3 points with 40 seconds to go.


The Broncos locked down defensively in those last seconds, as Keilor had to foul to stop the clock, but crucial free throws by Shayan Mahboobi put the result beyond doubt.


The Broncos now sit third, with a 11-4 record and only 1 game behind second place.


 And also, thank you to the U12.2 Boys for coming along and supporting the Men!



Hume City – 64

Ballarat – 57


Jaime Germaine-Gray – 14 points

Jayde Kirk – 12 points


After a tough loss on Saturday, the Youth Women had the difficult task of travelling up to Ballarat.


But the Broncos took it in their stride and took home a great win.


It was a real even first half, with the teams going bucket-for-bucket as the Broncos were down by 1 point at half time.


The Broncos made their move right at the end of the third quarter, scoring the last 7 points to lead at the final change by 5 points. It was tied again with 3 minutes to go in the game but the Broncos continually scored in important possession to keep up a small lead.


It the end, Ballarat had to foul, and Jaime Germaine-Gray and Jayde Kirk sealed the win with free throws from those fouls.


The Youth Women sit in fifth place on the Watson Pool, with a win-loss of 7-8.





Hume City – 75

Sunbury – 84


Tash Overby – 25 points

Leilani Siamoa – 22 points


A tough loss, with the Youth Women going down Sunbury. The Broncos started off well, leading by 7 points at the end of the first quarter.


Sunbury took it up a couple of notches in the second and third quarters, (31-45) and gaining the lead in the third as the Broncos struggled to put multiple plays together.





Hume City – 80

Werribee – 84


Marshall Kearing – 33 points, 20 rebounds

MJ Foster – 13 points, 6 rebounds, 11 assists


It was a case of so close but yet so far as another close game slipped away for the Youth Men.


The first half was back and fourth, as the Broncos lead at the end of the first quarter by 4 points, then only 1 point at half time.


Werribee jumped up in the third quarter, leading 24-11 as the Broncos had to play catch-up in the fourth. They chipped at the lead but it was little to late as the final siren reached at 4 points.


The Youth Men sit 10thon the ladder at 4-11.

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