Broadmeadows Basketball Association Inc.

Social Media Policy PL-001-14


1. Social media can be fun, helpful and dangerous.

Comments, notes and photos posted on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and on line forums are usually constructive and positive. But negative comments and images, bullying, criticism and sexist remarks can be dangerous and harmful to people’s well being and reputation and the image of the sport.


2. Do not use social media to be critical of teammates, coaches, officials, administrators, volunteers or spectators.

Any comment you make on social media sites has the potential to be seen by millions of people. That is great if comments are positive. But it can be extremely negative and harmful if critical of people. Before you post a comment on social media ask your self this: Would I want millions of people to read something negative about me?


3. Always assume the person you are talking/writing about will see what has been said/written.

Just because an online chat is between two people does not mean it remains private and nobody else can see it. Social media is accessible to everyone. Even if the person you are discussing does not see it, somebody else may. The result is
you rather than the person you are ridiculing will be seen in a negative light.


4. Use social media as a positive outlet to promote players, teammates, teams, clubs and others involved in basketball.

Posting results and acknowledging individual and team performances on social media makes many people aware of team and individual achievements. That can have a positive effect for many people and should be used, encouraged and embraced wherever and whenever possible.


5. Remember to show respect.

When using social media, show the same respect and regard for people that you would show and are expected to show when playing, officiating or attending a basketball game.


6. When in doubt leave it out.

If you are unsure if what you are posting on social media is appropriate then itis best not to post it. When in doubt leave it out.


7. Do not tolerate or condone poor social media behaviour or actions.

If you are aware of or observe poor social media behaviour or actions, do not accept it. There is no place for it in basketball and it will not be condoned. You should remind people of their responsibilities when using social media and warn that action can be taken against them. In the instance of minors breaching the code of conduct, alert their parents to the situation. If you believe the breach is serious, report it to team, club or association officials.


8. Be aware that your actions on social media may have serious consequences.

Negative comments and images, bullying, criticism and sexist remarks do not only impact negatively on the people they are about. If you are found to have acted improperly on social media regarding a basketball related matter, you are liable to disciplinary proceedings and may be required to face a tribunal hearing to explain your actions. A suspension from basketball could be imposed.


9. Consider social media to be your personal brand.

Your Internet presence fuels any perception of your personal brand whether you like it or not. Does your social media identity match your real identity? Be mindful of the content of photos, status updates, Tweets. Are they truly reflective of who you are and how you want people to see you?

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