On this page you can find information about all of the Venues currently in use by Hume City Broncos and Broadmeadows Basketball Association as Home Venues.

The venues currently in use by the Broadmeadows Basketball Association are:

Broadmeadows Basketball Stadium

Courts 1,2,3 and 4

(1 Tanderrum Way, Broadmeadows)

Broadmeadows Leisure Centre

Courts 1,2 and 3

(41-85 Tanderrum Way, Broadmeadows)

Greenvale Recreation Centre

Courts 1 and 2

(27 Barrymore Road, Greenvale)

Roxburgh Park Primary School

Courts 1


Keelonith Primary School

Court 1

(1 Blossom Drive, Greenvale)

Hume Secondary College

Court 1

(49 Dimboola Road, Broadmeadows)

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